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consultancy and certification for buildings, urban areas and companies
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First Company
to develop BREEAM assessment in Latin America.
Our company provides specialized services and solutions in sustainability for for ecologically sustainable business throughout Brazil: for companies, their buildings and urban areas. We conduct high technical training for the private and public sectors, in commercial, residential and industrial developments.

We help our clients achieve efficient and economical results by implementing different possibilities and sustainable solutions conceptions, from initial planning, design, operation and maintenance of the developments.


Our focus is to enable the success of our customers’ projects, with reduction of economical spending and environmental impacts and increase efficiency, return of investments and quality of life.

We are the 1st company to develop BREEAM assessment in Latin America. The BREEAM certification is the pioneer and largest certifier of buildings and urban areas in the world, present in more than 50 countries, with more than 300,000 certified developments (more than 10 times than other green seals).

We are the only Brazilian company licensed to do all types of BREEAM certifications and also the only one with projects being certified by BREEAM in the country.

We represent the spatial consulting company Space Syntax Ltd in Brazil, which has been operating for more than 20 years in 5 continents, promoting the success of the projects, by forecasting usage trends and movement of people and vehicles in buildings and urban areas, from the initial of design stage project, even before the construction of the development.

Dr. Viviane Cunha

Viviane Cunha is the executive director of VCA Sustentabilidade, which is a benchmark in consulting and certification for sustainable buildings and urban areas. She has a PhD in architecture from UFRJ, visiting researcher and holds a master’s degree from University College London, England, teaches in FGV and UFF MBA’s, in courses and training on sustainable construction.

She is a pioneer in Latin America in certification of sustainable buildings and developments with BREEAM green seal. She represents Space Syntax Ltd company in Brazil, she is a member of the materials committee of the Brazilian Council for Construction and she was the sustainable director of Greenvana company, partner of Santander bank.

Create harmony through spaces.

Knowledge, Commitment, Clarity, Credibility, Creativity.

"We want to thank you for your valuable participation in the International Seminar on Environmental Assessment of Buildings, conducted under the overall coordination of the Environmental Committee of the SindusCon-SP. We are confident that your lecture added updated knowledge of high technical level and great value for our professionals".

Francisco Vasconcellos Neto, Vice President of Environment - SindusCon-SP.

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