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consultancy and certification for buildings, urban areas and companies
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About Us

We are the 1st company to develop BREEAM assessment in Latin America. The BREEAM certification is the pioneer and largest certifier of buildings and urban areas in the world, present in more than 50 countries, with more than 300,000 certified developments (more than 10 times than other green seals).

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What we do

Our company provides specialized services and solutions in sustainability for for ecologically sustainable business throughout Brazil: for companies, their buildings and urban areas. We conduct high technical training for the private and public sectors, in commercial, residential and industrial developments.

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› Sustentabilidade em ritmo acelerado
O mercado ainda é incipiente mas já atrai empresas como Vale, Siemens e grandes bancos.
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› Ibope Ambiental
Mais de 84% das empresas de grande porte investem em sustentabilidade.
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